Posted by: sponyak | September 26, 2010

A Testament to Naturalism

From Infidels.Org:

As defined by philosopher Paul Draper, naturalism is “the hypothesis that the natural world is a closed system” in the sense that “nothing that is not a part of the natural world affects it.” More simply, it is the denial of the existence of supernatural causes. In rejecting the reality of supernatural events, forces, or entities, naturalism is the antithesis of supernaturalism.

The philosophy of Naturalism is well supported by modern science. With respect to the existence of a God, the statement: “A godless universe is in accordance with scientific empiricism” can only be viewed as a true statement, considering the fact that humanity holds not a shred of empirical evidence in support of the existence of any deities.

Professor PZ Myers, outspoken atheist and the author of the blog Pharyngula, has decided to put his copies of the Bible and the Quran to rest… in his flower garden.

Myers’ epitaph for these supernaturalism-laden holy texts reads like a poetic testament to Naturalism:

“Right now, the pages swell with moisture, the fibers separate and the chapters turn into pulpy masses. Bacteria bloom and their colonies expand; fungi flourish and their hyphae infiltrate and convert cellulose into spores. The ink runs as nematodes writhe over the surfaces, etching the words with slime and replacing the follies of dead men with the wisdom of worms. The roots of flowers and grasses will fumble downwards to embrace the decaying leaves, and the roots of trees will impale the volumes laterally. Given only a little time, the madness will be reduced to compost.”

Myers’ full post, A Funeral for Folly, can be read here.


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