Posted by: sponyak | July 8, 2010

Our God is More Fun than Your God!

Gods throughout history have been so serious, so dour… the equivalent of cosmic sourpusses. Yahweh, Allah, all those Dudes… they’re so easily offended!

Dionysus was a lot of fun, I suppose- as was Mbombo (AKA Bumba), the African god who vomited out the universe.

But no gods compare to the Flying Spaghetti Monster! It is unoffendable, unless one chooses to break atheism’s lone commandment:


Here is a tribute, courtesy of the Cleveland Freethinkers group. Incredibly, the omnipotent FSM makes an appearance in the video, long before It conceived of Itself! Now that IS a miracle.



  1. What the heck is wrong with you people?

  2. fineliving, there are always consequences when you are part of a religion or any group. you disovey the laws then you are going to be held responsible. so if you do not believe in allahs ways, dont get involved, but if you do then yo have to obey the rules. allah is perfect and discriminating who is a believer and who is not, has nothing to do with perfection. allah sees through those that lie and those that say they believe and do not. so your logic is illogical. you are forgetting that part of all this is free will, that part you use to not believe…allah provides this to you and you use it as you will in good acts or bad. if you use your logic all would be perfect but that cannot be as allah is only perfect. if you are still having trouble grasping that logic and i can point you to some great sites to help you.

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