Posted by: msmanya | November 26, 2009

Freethought Music

Through The Infidel Guy I found a song called, “Fuck the Creationists” by M.C. Hawking. It is a hip-hop song performed by the Stephen Hawking computer voice. It has a pro-science (not atheist) message but contains all the in-your-face elements you’d expect from gangsta rap:

“Fuck the damn creationists, those bunch of dumb-ass bitches,
every time I think of them my trigger finger itches.
They want to have their bullshit, taught in public class,
Stephen J. Gould should put his foot right up their ass.”

You can hear the song by watching a video someone created for it. NSFW!!

It turns out there are entire albums of these songs, all just as funny. For example, “Entropy” is set to the tune of “O.P.P”, and there is an official video for the song, “What we need more of is science:”

“New age motherfuckers? Don’t get me started,
I made more sense than them, last time I farted.”

Another song talks about how he gang-bangs a bunch of MITers.

Be sure to listen to the available mp3s and read all the lyrics to the songs here. These songs make me laugh until I hurt.

Recenlty I stumbled upon rational thought musician, Greydon Square. Square is a hip-hop artist who almost became a minister, but instead deconverted and is getting a college degree in physics. You can buy his album, “The Compton Effect” at his site. He makes many allusions to religious philosophy and science; it will take many listens to get it all.

He describes his interesting life story in this video . I really like this one of a performance he did at an atheist convention. Ever hear a rap about Pascal’s Wager before? More songs at his myspace page.

While looking up info on Greydon, I was surprised to find even more rationalist themed music. Proclaim grew up in the East L.A./Montebello area and got bachelor’s degrees in psychology and philosophy. He wanted to combine his love of hip hop culture with his intellectual interests. His album is called, “Question Everything,” and you can hear his songs at his site.

In my last post, I linked to George Hrab, a very hot freethinking guy who creates great music as well as as the Geologic podcast. I found George through “brainsbodyboth” which cleverly describes his love of women who can “make (his) Oscar Wilde.” I am still trying to digest all the lyrics, including:

“She’s the queen of conversation, a panel member on Face the Nation, but she can (listen to the song to hear bawdy lyric!) without hesitation.”

Freethought is a common thread in George’s music with titles like, “Heaven Must be Boring” and “Think For Yourself,” which can apply to anything from dogmatic veganism, to religion, to the sucker-funded monstrosity called “The Secret.” His music is available for sale at as well as the usual hard copy sources.

I hope you all enjoy discovering some new Freethought music, and please leave in your comments links to any other suggestions you might have.



  1. The “Atheist Music Blog” ( has a listing of “Atheist Songs”, “Songs that celebrate Science & Discovery”, “Free Thinkers Tunes”, “Hymns for Heathens”, and “Down-right Perverse & Amusing Music.”

    MC Hawking is pretty funny… but damn all the swearwords!

  2. I have to add one of my favorite bands for those who love some loud crunchy guitar and breakneck punk rock beats: Bad Religion.

    Quite a few of their songs deal with science and rationality. The lead singer and songwriter, Greg Graffin, has a PhD in biology from Cornell and teaches college science when not playing with the band.

  3. I’ve been listening to Graydon Square for over a year now, he is awesome! NOFX is an awesome punk band with a rationalist stance (Danny Brooks got me into them) and their lyrics are sardonic, satirical and in your face.

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