Posted by: sponyak | June 20, 2009

Atheistic Rights & Responsibilities

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As a moral atheist you have a number of rights and responsibilities. These include (but are not limited to):

 1) Have no gods.
2) Don’t worship stuff.
3) Be polite.
4) Take a day off once in a while.
5) Be nice to folks.
6) Don’t kill people.
7) Don’t cheat on your significant other.
8) Don’t steal stuff.
9) Don’t lie about stuff.
10) Don’t be greedy.

Remember …theists may condemn you for living by this code because you are doing it of your own free will instead of because you’re afraid that if you don’t a supreme being will set you on fire.
Cool! All of the world’s Holy Books have been rendered obsolete.


  1. After reading several of your posts, I have come to the conclusion that you are both an idiot and self-righteous in an attacking and offensive way. One can be a pragmatist or, dare I say, secular and posses the faith necessary to be part of a an organized religion. You’re philosophy is simple, disingenuous at best, and lazy at worst. While you may think your wit is worthy, it is in fact trite and overplayed.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! Your comment is appreciated…

    You are right about the atheist philosophy being simple- it’s as simple as the word itself:

    From Greek; a (without) + theos (god or gods).

    No gods… that is the beautiful simplicity of atheism.

  3. Anonymous,

    Why in the universe would an atheist want (or need) to have the faith necessary to be part of an organized religion? (With the possible exception of Unitarian Universalist, whose congregations have a large percentage of nonbelievers)

  4. Anonymous,

    It’s very interesting that you can call MarkT names, and attack him on a personal level, and still have the audacity to say that HE is “…in an attacking and offensive way”. A lot of what you’ve been reading have been posts that he has taken from others (which you would have known had you bothered to actually read them). Also, learn the difference between your and you’re.

    What type of “faith” does an atheist have to be part of an organized religion? You can be a member of the UU church, but that doesn’t mean you have “faith”. Being an atheist means you are a rational thinker, and don’t move blindly in this world on some “faith”, which is based on superstition and myths. You can’t have both, so I feel kind of sorry for you because you seem to be battling some inner demons.

    I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you can break your “faith” bonds once and for all, and come out with the rest of us into the shining light of reason.

    Oh, and perhaps you could learn some maturity along the way as well. We don’t personally attack people, and we don’t resort to name calling. Try disagreeing with someone without resorting to childish anger.

    One more thing – you’ll find that many atheists’ core values and actions are anything but disingenuous. We’re some of the most real people you’ll ever meet.

  5. Thanks, Marnster!

    I must confess… I did call the man holding the “Obama is a Muslim Babykiller” sign a “deluded ignoramous” (at least there’s a pic for evidence there), and I believe I called Sarah Palin a knucklehead in at least one post.

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