Posted by: brainyape | May 28, 2009

New Gem from the Roman Catholic Hierarchy



Cardinal Antonio María Rouco is the head of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Spain. In other words, he is the Church’s top man in that nation.

The Church doesn’t get along with the Socialist government very well. Most recently, the plan to make “morning after” contraception pills available without a prescription has ruffled a few feathers.

And so it turns out, Ricardo Benjumea, the editor-in-chief of the good Cardinal’s weekly magazine, Alfa y Omega, can’t get his head around why if such pills are available without a prescription, “rape should still be considered a crime”.

He opens by apologizing for using rape as an example. He is not trying to trivialize rape, nothing would be farther from his intention. However, he asks, with sex boiling down to “simple entertainment”, should sexual aggression still be on the penal code. “Shouldn’t we make it equivalent to other forms of aggression, as if, for instance, forcing them to enjoy themselves a few minutes?” he asks. Removing rape from the penal code, he says, is something the vast majority of Spaniards would object to, even though, within a hundred yards, there is a pharmacy that will be selling a pill, without a prescription, that turns sexual relations into simple acts of pleasure and enjoyment”. “When sex is trivialized, when it is not in the context of marriage and procreation, it not longer makes sense to consider rape a crime”.

Words fail me. I am sure Mr Benjumea will earn brownie points for this excellent piece.


The Cleveland Freethinkers



  1. Well maybe he should wait until he is forced to enjoy himself a few minutes and come back with a more informed answer to his own question.

    I am forever amazed by how upsetting it is to some people that other people have sex, enjoy it, and don’t feel guilty about it.

  2. The Catholic church is doing a great job of making themselves redundant. I’ll give ’em another 30 years.

  3. Ladies! Anyone want me to force you to enjoy yourselves for a few minutes?

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