Posted by: sponyak | February 8, 2009

Christian Gooberheads Disrupt Muslim Service

Don’t get me wrong- I think that Islam is just as silly as Christianity is. But this is America, damn it, and the concept of Freedom of Religion must be respected even by the most die-hard Atheist.

The above scene was captured Jan. 31st, 2009 at a Mosque in Tampa, FL.



  1. I suppose the question here (legally) is where does the Christian’s right to free speech actually interfere with the Muslim’s right to be able to enjoy their own private property?

    Although I am glad to see religion being publicly criticized in this video, the arguments they are using are just as in need of or more so of criticism. And perhaps most importantly, they do come off as hateful which is just a step away from committing illegal or immoral acts against the Muslims.

  2. The Gooberheads should have been charged (or at least shooed away by local law enforcement) for disturbing the peace.

    “Snowball in Hell”- would a group of nonreligious folk ever gather just outside a church’s property, yelling through a megaphone stuff like, “THERE IS NO GOD, THERE IS NO GOD!!!”

    Well, maybe at Fred Phelps’ church…

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