Posted by: sponyak | October 22, 2008

The Cleveland Unfree Thinkers

Scary stuff.  A reporter confronts an agry, ignorant mob outside a McCain-Palin rally in the Cleveland suburb of Strongsville last week.  I know there are pockets of ignorant people around here – but this? How do we stop such ignorance and hate?



  1. Some of the video segments are actually from a McCain/Palin rally near Bethlehem, PA… but that hardly matters. There are venomous, sponge-brained Bubble-Worlders scattered throughout the USA.

    How do WE stop the ignorance & hate? By pressuring those who helped to spawn such imbecilic thinking into looking after their "unruly children"!

    Any McCain/Palin supporters in your circle of family/friends? Pass this stuff on.

    On a larger scale, I anxiously await the anti-defamation lawsuits we'll hopefully see after the elections. (Watch out Drudge, Limbaugh, etc., and all ye purveyors of slanderous, lie-filled viral emails!)

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