Posted by: sponyak | August 6, 2008

Scenes from an Atheist De-Baptism Ceremony

Scenes from an Atheist De-Baptism Ceremony
Posted in Friendly Atheist at 7:00 am by Hemant Mehta
How does one actually go about having an atheist de-baptism ceremony?
I attended one in Westerville, Ohio over the weekend and I can now tell you about all the ceremonial details.
It begins with some words from Acting President of American Atheists, Frank Zindler:
“Do you agree that the magical potency of today’s ceremony is exactly equal to the magical efficacy of ceremonial baptism with dihydrogen monoxide, and do you agree that the power of all magical ceremonies is nonexistent?”
Then, everyone responds with a booming, “Amen!”
There is no Baptismal pool here.
All that is needed is a blow dryer — in this case, the Blow Dryer of Reason — held by AA’s Legal Director Edwin Kagin:

Then, the masses form a line to take part in this joyous occasion:

One by one, they go underneath the Dryer…

And sometimes, the non-religious emotion overcomes you and you just fall (via jenigray2000):

Some people just can’t get enough!

Even President George W. Bush wants to get in on this action:

It’s not just for adults. This little girl can now see the light!

What do you get after you’ve gone through the whole process?
A nifty certificate.
This woman is positively thrilled:

What does that certificate say…?

And no de-baptism service is complete without stopping by the de-communion table, which holds the holy A&W Root Beer and peanut butter and honey de-communion crackers.

This raises an interesting question… what happens if you desecrate an atheist communion wafer?!
One brave soul wants to find out and is surely seeking the wrath of the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue…

His inbox is going to have *so* much crazy hate mail…

The media had a good time with this ceremony as well. Here’s a great article by Sarah Pulliam of The Columbus Dispatch.

Special thanks to event organizer (and good friend) Ashley Paramore for putting together a really kickass event.



  1. Word of this event is slowly creeping out onto the web- I wonder if it’ll eventually be mentioned (condescendingly, I’m sure) on FOX News?

  2. No such luck- the event was largely ignored by everyone outside the freethought community, except for a nice write-up in the Columbus Dispatch.

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