Posted by: sponyak | May 8, 2008

Cross Carrying Chuck

Looks like this guy just wants attention, and if he doesn’t get it? Then a disaster will strike your town! I’m also pretty sure that when Jesus had to carry his cross in the bible, that it didn’t have training wheels…



  1. Sorry if I offend anybody but I have to say it. This guy is an ass…

  2. When Marnster & I were in D.C. for an anti-war march in Sept. ’07, I spotted a guy with a cross like that one. He was down a side street a bit, away from the main march (presumably with the pro-war folks).

    I wonder if it’s the same guy? It’s possible…

  3. Oh, and the “God’ll send a tornado” comment definitely makes him an ass. If he’s joking, then he’s just a smartass- if not, he is a regular ol’ ass.

  4. I wish I knew how people like Chuck reconcile their anger and bitterness and hatred with the messages of love also found in religion. Or why they feel the need to control everybody else, to force others who don’t agree with them to bow down and conform. But we wouldn’t have as much to talk about here without them, would we? Opposition seems to be a necessary, if unpleasant, part of life. Cloudberry

  5. Anyone who has met this man and talked with him knows he loves Jesus. How dare anyone point fingers… Shame on you! He didnt say that curses would come down this is just his way of spreading God’s word to all people. The end is coming and most know it but not everyone… Think then Act People!

  6. anonymous said:
    “The end is coming and most know it but not everyone…”

    No, it’s not.

    All this “end times” crap shows how dangerous religious faith can be. Jim Jones, Branch Davidians, silly comet people… This latest obsession with end times, rapture, etc. has the potential to be a big disasterous “stupid religious trick”.

  7. We just ran into this guy last night in South Eastern PA…he asked us for a ride and when we refused he told us he would remind god about our actions and we would go to hell….nut job

  8. I picked up Chuck today to took him from Cambridge, to Zanesville Ohio. God is blessing Chuck with a very important mission about his Son Jesus Christ. He is more insightful of God and Heaven than any man I have ever met.. Only Billy Graham might have more insight. If you see Chuck, help him on his mission. Offer him lodging, food, a few bucks or just a ride.. and remember,, helping him,, helps Christ’s message. As for the Tornado comment.. just remember what the Lord said to the Apostles about shaking the dust off their feet… Have any doubts.. read the new testament.. WE are here for one reason, and one reason only… To worship God and Christ…

  9. Tom…I here you! My wife and I also gave Chuck a ride and blessed him with some money yesterday in Dayton, Ohio and I view the tornado comment like this, he never said he was Jesus who is prefect, just a man carrying a cross with the message of Christ. I believe in his message and his mission and would also encourage anyone who meets him to consider this…
    Have you ever tried walking across America?…ever tried it with no money?, no friends?, no family? Now think about doing all this while carrying a cross for Christ?

  10. While I can’t help but admire Chuck’s tenacity, I am completely mystified as to why so many people are so fixated on- and obsessed with- one man who supposedly lived 2,000 years ago.

    If he existed at all, Jesus was probably a pretty cool guy…but that’s as far as it goes for me.

  11. I met Chuck about a year ago and found him to be a profound individual with adeep faith in God. I guess Chuck is like an umpire for God, He acll’s em as he sees em.

  12. He came through our area this week and his story really is amazing. This is his third trip through the 48 land states. I personally am happy to see him doing it because it just shows how much peace a person can have if they have God in their lives….even with people calling you a crackpot. Even if I wasn’t a Christian, which I am proud to say that I am, I would still have to admire the dedication and the strength that it takes for his stand for Christ.
    To those who do not believe, you don’t know what you are missing, but that does not mean that you won’t regret it when final judgement occurs. Christ offers a peace within now and a peace of knowing that you will always be taken care of. Chuck is just another example of how Christ provides for you if you simply trust in Him.

  13. You know, it is also curious to note that the ones that are Christians are the ones with names on thier posts and a majority of the ones against Christ are publishing under “Anonymous”. Just another thing that shows when you know Christ, you are proud to admit it shout it to the mountaintops!

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