Posted by: sponyak | January 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

“The mind is such a strange and curious beast, capable of self-deception… and we rarely see everything around us, even when we have our eyes open.”

(our very own) Cloudberry



  1. Oh my! Thank you, Mark. The artwork is lovely. Is it yours? What a nice surprise! Cloudberry

  2. You’re welcome, Cloudberry!

    The visual is an illusion I found online- it demonstrates how one’s mind can deceive itself.

    See how the image pulsates… but in reality, it doesn’t. Your mind is tricking you into seeing pulsations. I tried to make it stop appearing to pulsate, but I couldn’t.

    Can’t stare at it too long, I might freak out!

  3. Clearly the mind trick didn’t work on Cloudberry. Shay

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