Posted by: sponyak | January 14, 2008

My Supernatural Experience?

My Mother was very special. She was a Freethinker, an Animal lover, not prejudiced, very stubborn, and a slacker (in a very good way!). I am proud to take after her in these respects, as best I can.

In late 1993, my mom was diagnosed with cancer- Squamous Cell Carcinoma to be exact. She had the cancer removed in early ’94- supposedly, the operation was a success…

Cut to late June of 1995- my dear ol’ mom was on her deathbed. The cancer had returned of course- with a vengeance! She was in & out of a coma-like state for the last 2 weeks of her life- prior to that, she was suffering horribly…

Early in her last week, she alarmed everyone at the house by waking up & calling out desperately for her Mother & Father. My sister went to her and said, “You were only dreaming, mom.” My mother then said, “No… they were HERE!!!” She WAS on lots of morphine…

Cut to July 6th, 1995- it was my turn to stay with mom while my sister & father checked out a hospice. The whole experience had taken a huge toll on the family- especially my dear ol’ dad.

At approximately 8:30 pm, I looked down at my mother, and thought about all the pain & suffering… and then I prayed…

If you can call it that. It was more like, “Now see here, You! Either I want to see a miracle, right this very moment, or you take her! Enough is enough!!!

Mom died at about noon the next day.

That night, my mother appeared to me in a dream. She was standing in the kitchen, straight & healthy. I remember saying, “But mom, you’re….” All she said back to me was, “Don’t worry… I’m fine.”

Both of these events made me stop & think, but were they supernatural? Nah.

My mother was cremated- I was the one who spread her ashes. It all seemed so NATURAL.

Strangely, losing my mother (& father 3 years later) caused me to become MORE atheistic… not because I was angry at God or anything. It was the naturalness of it- all that lives will eventually die, and the afterlife is most likely a lie?

Mark T.



  1. haha that’s a cute pic.

  2. That dream after her death must have been somewhat comforting, and also, disquieting. It is exactly the sort of thing that leads others to believe there is an afterlife. How do you reconcile it?

  3. Well, I figured my mother’s dream appearance was my subconscious mind working in mysterious ways. The timing WAS rather odd though.

  4. That makes sense, Mark. Now if you had had a much longer conversation, and she’d said things a little less comforting, even contentious, then it might be harder to push off on the subconscious. The mind is such a strange and curious beast, capable of self-deception, and we rarely see everything around us even when we have our eyes open. I’ve had similar experiences that seemed real at the time but now, looking back, I’d chalk up to my own mental gymnastics rather than fantasy, however sweet. Cloudberry

  5. “The mind is such a strange and curious beast, capable of self-deception, and we rarely see everything around us even when we have our eyes open.”

    WOW! I LOVE that! That is a most excellent statement… and so very true, indeed.

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