Posted by: sponyak | December 9, 2007

All About Mormonism?

In honor of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s grade “D-minus” speech on religious freedom (12/6/07)…

Here’s a cartoon made by a mainstream Christian sect in denunciation of the Mormon faith. It must have been produced sometime circa the early ’70s- it has that “Scooby-Doo-ish” sort of feel.

While I’m sure that the Church of Latter-Day Saints’ detractors went a TAD overboard with this, most of the cartoon seems to follow the church’s teachings, which current LDS adherents seem to be squirming to whitewash.

Apparently, this cartoon was indeed banned by the Mormons- there is at least one major jaw-dropper in it… enjoy!

Mark T.



  1. Joseph Smith was known for his tall tales? Yeah, I would say that is an accurate statement. We humans are capable of believing all sorts of silly things, aren’t we?

  2. Yes we are… it never ceases to baffle me!

    After reading David Brooks’ editorial from the NYT concerning Romney’s speech, I hereby change the grade to a lousy stinkin’ “F”.

  3. i thought it was funny, a little far fetched though. At the beginning of the movie i think what they say is wrong…i don’t remember ever hearing or reading that stuff about mormons…i’ll have to check on it though… still don’t agree with them either way…

  4. We’ll have to consult the Book of Mormon!
    I think every motel in Utah, Nevada, etc. has a book of Mormon in each room along with the bible. Years ago, I leafed thru the b.o.m while traveling out there- it seems to be quite absurd! It contains lots of crazy made-up names like Zog and Chawapa-Zaatatoth.

  5. Those two names weren’t really in the b.o.m., I just made ’em up. But I do kind of like them! Maybe we should invent a phony religion that uses names like that, and make lots of money.

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