Posted by: sponyak | October 9, 2007


Did Democrats Know About Secret Torture Methods or Not?

Watching this video made me question Nancy Pelosi’s judgment for the first time. If she was fully briefed on the interrogation methods the Bush Administration wanted to use, why did she vote to allow it? This is a serious issue; adherence to international law is something the Democratic party believes in, just as is it the morally right thing to do. We need to know if our leaders are making the right decisions on issues such as this. I hope that Speaker Pelosi is telling the truth when she says she was not given the information she needed.

Also, does anyone else feel as I do, that MSNBC is the best news channel for getting genuine information and providing articulate debate?




  1. This is just the status quo. How many “good devout Democrats” outside of US ambassadors, were aware several years back that the United Nations kicked the US off the UN Human Rights Committee due to US infractions of UN international human rights policies? I bet half of the Congress and Senate didn’t know, let alone elected officials on the state and local levels not to mention the average voter of any party.

    The primary reason we were booted out (and we are still not permitted on the committee) is our use of the death penalty. But I imagine the development of what amounts to “war crimes” due to our current tortuous practices will keep us booted for quite some time.

    Unfortunately, the UN seems unwilling to sanction the US for such things. I suppose we are viewed as too powerful, not to be messed with, they all need us, or some such thing.

    But WAIT!!!!! How much does the US owe the UN for back dues for how many years???? Gosh, I think Lithuania manages to pay their UN dues but, uh, not us, the wealthiest nation. But the UN still keeps us.

    They shouldn’t.

    Yes, MSNBC is very good. I also like BBC (both international and national) coverage because it gives a good english-speaking view of what other parts of the world REALLY think of us. There are many myopic people in our country who have never left their state or neighborhood and cannot conceive of the dissent toward us going on elsewhere-these people would do well to tune their 800-channel cable or satellite into BBC once in a while!

  2. Afterthought:

    How about putting Bush on trial in the Hague? I imagine it would never be him, he would have not known, but it would be some poor general instead. But still, why does no one call us on this?

    Saddam was tried for war crimes, Milosevich was, why not us?

  3. We need change. I absolutely agree. And yes, the Democrats have lets us down on many fronts. However, they are fully capable of changing things. Every great initiative of the 20th century was made by the hands of the Democratic Party. We have a two-party system. We have eighty million democrats. We can get the things done that we need. But we need to keep the pressure on. We need to speak out. We need to commit fully to our government and demand that it change it course.


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