Posted by: sponyak | October 5, 2007

God’s Friends Are Nuts

This video is big fun! Enjoy…



  1. Ok, here I go….

    First of all, this video scares the crud out of me, and ticks me off to no end. Freethinkers are supposed to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, but these knucklehead creationists don’t have to be open to the possibility that evolution just might be real? To the enlightened, we know that science has proven the existence of dinosaurs millions of years ago. No one has proven there is a god. Just because it is written in some book that “he” existed and made the Earth and blah blah blah doesn’t prove a thing. The children who are being brainwashed by these idiots are the real victims here. We must educate people and get them out of this nonsense that the bible is the be-all-end-all for every explanation of life as we know it. The only reason that the term god was ever used in that book is because at that time, they had no other explanation for how things came to be. Science has shown us much of what we understand to be the true beginnings of the universe, and it has nothing to do with “god”, unless you consider “god” to be evolution. Yes, of course everything started somewhere. Science is showing every day where that “somewhere” is, and it wasn’t with one “being”. Fossils are not made up, they are not science fiction. Creationsm is fiction, and shame on the creationists for taking impressionable children and forcing their narrow-minded, unrealistic beliefs on them.

  2. Thank you mom, dad, sisters, and everyone else in my life while I was a child- for not brainwashing me like these poor kids are being brainwashed!

  3. Just to be a bit of a devil’s advocate here-it appears from the video that this event was not taking place in the context of a public school educational setting but in the setting of a private event where parents who want their children to attend voluntarily attended. Therefore, I don’t have a problem with it. If I decided to take my children to a privately funded and held atheism education event I would hope that people of religious persuasion would recognize that I have the right to do so.

    If the video portrayed an event held in a public school during regular school hours, I would have a giant problem with it. If such an event were held in a private Christian school during school hours, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    I don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs and their right to exercise those beliefs as they see fit, including how people choose to raise their children. I doubt any child in that video was attending without parental consent.

    All of the children in the video will one day be of an age where they have the ability to read books without checking to see if their parents approve of the tome, will have the ability to look around the world and see and investigate other views, and will have the ability to choose their own path.

    While I learned many valuable things from my parents, I share neither of their political views, religious views, etc. I formed my own as I went along. Maybe I have a little more faith in basic human intellect but I don’t think all of these kids will be brainwashed forever because of their extreme religious upbringing. They will grow up, learn to think for themselves, and will do so. And yes, some of them indeed may decide that they share their parent’s religious views but that is their choice, no?

  4. I immensely dislike the fact that these “lessons” occur throughout the nation. That mother who justified bringing her children to the event by saying “It just makes more sense.” No. It doesn’t. This is intellectual dishonesty at its worst.

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